07 April 2010

Desperately seeking Aris

~ The Corfu Olive Oil Blog ~

Driving me crazy - oil magnates Aris and Katie are proving as slippery as the fine oil they're out to sell.

Not a clue in their blog as to how to make contact and I want to screw their plans by creating publicity and interest beyond the dreams of avarice..

Prolly a case of a blog too soon ... rather like the many half-started buildings one sees around.

If anyone knoweth where this couple are holed out, drop me a comment. Still a few days 'til deadline ....


Simon Baddeley said...

I suspect they've rightly gone to earth until they've got something to show for their dreams. Shame though as I'm sure your publicity would be invaluable.

Busker said...

all is ok. ari has made contact. i have referred them to hilary