29 April 2010

Gordon Gaffe

I vote the new symbol for the Labour party - a Radio Mic

That humble broadcasting aid will forever more be linked to Brown's mega bish and the rulebook rewritten to cover basic precautions for its use.

Anyone in any further doubt over the power of our brave new online world need only call up a timeline of 'BigotGate' to observe an entire election campaign halted in its tracks.

Mic off: What surprises me most is the sheer amateurism of not assigning a staff member to handle all media matters: ensuring GB has a working mic in order to be heard; making sure they retrieve it pronto once the job is done.

Maybe I'm being thick, but who did the radio mic belong to? If it belonged to the radio station, how can they afford to let all their interviewees blithely drive away with them? Could get costly ... unless it's a good investment leaving the 'mark' to wander 'wired' in case they blab something even newsier-worthy.

The breathy creak of northern bosoms


Simon Baddeley said...

Remember Orwell's nightmare of Big Brother watching us via the screen in our homes. The way the technology's turned out it looks like the reverse. We look out rather than they looking in. Can't be all bad.

Busker said...

What a perceptive comment. Yes indeed, we looking in.

I wonder about the world my children will grow up in, or rather the 'mentality.

BigotGate defines the culture that Anna was telling me about at her college in WA state: the moment anything happens, a thousand fonecams blossom. Within minutes they're broadcast, by the time the fuzz arrive they have their pic of edited versions, musical versions, enhanced versions, versions linked to 'previous' ... poh poh.

In the old movies, the top cop arrived and was briefed as he walked up to the scene of the crime. Now he has his pick of a multi-media show and he better be quick if he wants to compete with the versions already appearing:
"So let's go live now to Chris Holmes in Corfu.
Chris, you're not actually *in* the Walled City but the son of your former shotokan teacher used to date your daughter and he 15 minutes ago sent her the remarkable clip of the assassination which she forwarded to you and you've managed to verify with the editor of 'Soldier of Fortune' and even persuade sensei Chan to be online for us.
"Sensei, good afternoon and thank you for sparing the time. What a lot of our viewers will be asking is how it's possible for a shaolin monk in a retirement home in Neasden to render lifeless and heavily guarded head of state in - excuse me, I'm told we now have satellite pictures of the actual execution and the avatar of sensei chen boarding the number 14 bus for the return journey. Sensei, I notice you're not using your Oyster card. Is this some rule they impose for post-hit getsaway or does the card just hinder the out of body aerodynamics of international travel?

Simon Baddeley said...

That's a verbal tour de force ... love it, stealin' it.