03 April 2010

'Howler' hoot

I've been playing 'Travelin' Light' since my teens and it's a big scorer with the girls ... that beginning on the bass, the cool strum, the A7 to D chorus and then the E ~ F井 ~ G# back to A . ... don't get me going.

But now and then the geetar is NOT the passepartout we expected and ... thwonk into a brick wall.

Do wait 'til 1:06 when Cliff nails it ... a hoot and a howler.

I mean, how more succinctly put?

The hoot of victory rises in your throat. Succès d'estime. She capitulated, yours all yours.

She caved in. You make to consolidate your triumph.

Suddenly ... Blam splat karoumph .... yer not in Kansas any more ...

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