13 April 2010

Greece: charity case

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"One wag has set up a page on the JustGiving website: not to raise money for charity, but to “save Greece”.

Jim Croft's plea for cash — which is perhaps a little unkind to our Hellenic friends — reads:

“Greece is in deep financial crisis. Donating here will go a long way to helping these poor people who have lived beyond their means for the last 10 years and are now struggling to pay their bills. Please think of them as they avoid their taxes and then blame evil speculators rather than facing up to the fact that lying about their national statistics was probably more of a factor.”

He goes on: “Please donate in pounds as all Euro payments will soon be subject to a 50% haircut.”

The actual charity that is getting the money is Oxfam — perhaps suggesting that Greece will soon need the global poverty charity's help. There's a long way to go though: Croft has raised just under £500 at the moment, against a target of £100 million. One person, who has donated a tenner, says: “With friends like you, who needs the IMF?”

Anyone feeling generous, should go to http://www.justgiving.com/save Greece

[Which link does not work but you could try the cached version].

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