04 January 2008

'Orrible 1993 murder of Jamey Bulger: Thompson/Venables walk anon

One of my big disappointments with the Net community was its pathetic inability to trace and nail killers Thompson and Venables after the milksop Law let them walk with new identities.

Web sleuths should have identified the murderers' fake names within hours and trumpeted them from every pillar and pyramid.

As it was, no one came up trumps, and nor have I in only now catching up with this piece in the gutter press about Thompson and some homosexualist lover.

I was touched to read that "when the relationship became serious, he revealed that he was one of the killers of two year-old James".

Also of interest is that Thompson "had to tell his partner of the murder to meet the strict conditions of his release, which force him to be honest about his past if he forms close relationships."

This clashes somewhat with the report whereby this loathsome creature had, at 23, "become a dad himself", living "secretly in the North of England using a pseudonym and the tot's mother [having] no idea of his evil past."

I wish those troglodytes of the 4th Estate would keep their stories consistent - or did the strain of being on the run only later turn this specimen into a shimmering pooftah?

Either way, it's good to have their names re-surface and the grisly tale given a new airing to a new posse.

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