16 January 2008

The Downfall of HD-DVD

Gosh these Hitler spoofs are good:

  • Blades of Glory?!! Are you f*** kidding me?
  • Why didn't the XBOX360 come with our player installed?
  • What about our Christmas sales?
  • The Digital Bits will spin this and make us look like a bunch of fools!
    • (And who is Bill Hunt, who would never do it?)
  • Cancel the CES press conference ...
  • And so many other great quotes, not to mention the Führer's henchmen, fingering their collars as they eye each other nervously.

Excellent parody.

Ok, I get it - duhh - it's the same clip each time but adapted to different scenarios ... like Hitler the Cowboy fan. Nice bit about the jersey he'd hoped to wear.

Word to the wise: I'm sure y'all know this but thicko moi did NOT.

Achtung. Don't show this to your German pals. They will not 'get it'. Big time, they will not get it. I consort with an allemande with whom I trade slights and insults and teases and mockery, all to no damage. Unthinkingly, I showed her this and the blood drained from her teutonic features and her perfect cut-glass profile turned diamond-edged in an instant.

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