08 January 2008

Great casting

Way back in '83, having swum the Rio Grande and holed up with 2-month-old Georgina in a San Antone condo, I was watching a wondrous marvel called MTV.

I yearned to make song videos and this Brad Paisley number is why and what I admired and wondered if I could do as well.

Look at the ace casting. No, look first at Brad himself and the way they film his hatchet face in such close up and let the stetson do the talking.

  • Brad Junior is the perfect little boy left-behind; his mom, every cute hometown-girl.
  • Those dates? The dude with the 'tache? Cads every one. You just *know* what they're after.
  • And the good-guy Dad? Parfait
  • Admire, too, how everyone has a ringer adult version: the Christopher Reeve-like suitor turning into Charlie Sheen elder statesman pa.
  • Hey, and not a bad song either. If the job center's run out of MTV Director openings, I'll take that one down there, 'Pedal Guitar'.
  • Finally, the baby is the star. That scrunched expression. Every time I've played this to lady visitors, they've stayed boot-faced thru the early bits but cave in when le petit appears.
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