29 January 2008

Packing Heat

Yes, indeed. Impact is the good font here, got that Dirty Harry feel to it.

Mind you, if someone came up with a 'Dirty Harry' font, I'd use nowt else.

Clint taking Design School:

"... maybe I used five fonts, maybe I used six. In all the confusion, I lost count.

So the only question is, do you feel lucky?

Do you? Punk?"

Got to get that period in. So many imitators get it wrong and go, "Do you, punk?" No one does Clint like Clint, like no one does Charles Buchinski.

But you know what? I'd give anything to be a fly behind closed doors if those two ever got together over a bottle of Brett-88 and did versions of the other. There's one to rocket up Youtube.

Where was I? Ah yes, never using one word where 12 will do, as a monosyllabic Yorkshire lady mocked me the other night.

Falls to knees in Obsequy-Xtreme mode, arms outstretched, one hand clutching a komboloi, t'other a rosary.

Heavenly Father, I know I'm just a repressed colonial boy from the marshes of Mai Po, talk thru my tonsils and had the wretched bad luck to be educated in Pliny and Parsifal, composing Latin verse at six and debating the diabolic intellect of Iago before my 14th birthday (loometh, chaps - Feb 4, wishlist on Guns&Ammo, and yes, I do feel lucky. Punk.

But before I go to that celestial dojo, please - I beseech thee - let me just once slip 'packing heat' into the conversation without people assuming I'm talking about that gizmo that warms chapped hands or that Mummy's insisted on me wearing my longjohns.

Rules are rules, B'wana, so it must be in perfect, unforced context.

None of this joshing with the lads and 'Buffy' Bidwell commenting on the barmaid's 'bristols' and I go

"Pistol? Someone say pistol? Funny you bring that up because - some of the types one bumps into at night - I'm seriously thinking of - ah - 'packing some heat', doncha know?"
.I want it in my lap and it to slide out just like that. Not too much to ask, is it?
.That's all, just wanted to mention it, let you know where I'm 'coming from'.

Well, 12 words for 1, let me tell you my Clint Eastwood story.

I once worked for a Bellevue company ("PR to the tech gentry")which handled the press for a Clint Eastwood DVD which is how I got to fly down to Portland and meet the great man.

This is how you know I'm not lying - I cannot for the life of me remember the precise line Clint came up with and, believe you me, I get these lines right if it squeezes every last creative drop out of me.

He wasn't in the best of moods but he was being civil to the bevy of boys and girls scurrying around him.

I made some comment about l'Homme sans Nom being admirably monosyllabic and he swiveled me The Look.

"Now that's a word you don't hear much in this business ..." and then went on to deliver a very succinct observation on how come a word like that is so long when what it describes is etc, or it could have been how come 'monosyllabic' is exactly as long as its 'antonym'? He used antonym, I said 'good point' and we both adjusted our conversational ponchos.

There, my Clint story.

A very cultured man, not one you'd catch agonising in his blog over how to 'pack' you-know-what.


Gwyn said...

The depressing reality is that the "Dirty Harry font" is actually Helvetica, if you go by the original film poster. But then Helvetica itself is the only font I know of to have had a feature film made about it, and bloody good it is too. So I suppose you'll be using nothing else now?
— Author, The Encyclopaedia of Fonts

Busker said...

OMG, The Man monitors this blog. Good comment, too.
Helvetica henceforth, except ... bwah ... it's not really my kinda font.
Remember leaning into TLS and NS ads? Which border, which pt? I went for Comic Sans, never really went for that Helsvetica Angel face. But thanks.