29 January 2008

Ain't talkin', just walkin'

One day I'll stand beside my King and I'll ask him why Bob Dylan's music works on so many levels and moods.

I've puffed to John Lee on Wanchai hookahs (prolly even puffed on a hookah on a hooker, dread pun); knocked back G&Ts on floating palaces as 'Trane tampered interminably with Favorite Things; junked on Jansch in Baguio bivouacs ... I have listened to most music in most situations and circumstances and if I was allowed one Desert Island Disc with which to be dumped anywhere - one album to cope with every mood - dash it, it would have to be El Zimmer.

I don't understand, why the maestro's gravel tones? Why not Callas or Pavarotters, Beethoven's 4th piano or any of Gil Evans' for Miles? I give up.


rwells said...

Bhang blasted Boston boho basement...

Higher Power



Richard said...

I wonder what I meant by that?