17 January 2008

Audrey Hepburn's Legs

My petite and slender mother has a theory (endlessly postulated) that women with tiny boobs invariably have elephantine legs, and she cites the example of Ms Audrey Hepburn.

hepburn dancing from Paris movieAs with many such conveniently invented theories - a family skill and trait that goes with our selective 'social deafness' - I've not prolonged the agony by questioning it, until now, and God bless Google because I've looked up La Hepburn and, surprise surprise, this old saw (like so much else) is total crap codswallop.

In fact, she's got rather elegant and inviting pins.

But it makes you think: the internet must be tolling the knell of so many guessers and conjectionistas, not to mention bores and drones who've stuck with the same old unchallenged chestnuts over the years and are now biting the dust to anyone with a browser and a few minutes to squander.

Squat front legs, indeed - faugh!

Oh and don't you just *adore* that chappie cavorting there in the background? Straight out of the Black & White Minstrel Show. My dear - his expression!

Probably frightfully non-PC these days and any TV station running a repeat would be lynched from the nearest CCTV camera pod, but back in my day it was THE show for all the family: we'd settle down with our Mr Kipling biccies and hot cocoa and have ourselves a jolly old singalong.

Those were the days!

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