16 January 2008

Independent schools forced to be 'more open'

For which read 'private schools' forced to open their hallowed portals to a load of working class oiks with common-as-muck accents who won't have the faintest idea what's going on or how to behave and will slouch around talking about their ghastly boring working-class lives.

What's *wrong* with schools as "exclusive clubs"? That's what 'exclusive' means - keeping the riff-raff at bay - and if the ancients can afford it, let them.

God knows we're going to run into enough of them when we get out - I'm told that not even Oxbridge is safe any more.

Honestly, it's alarmist headlines like this that give one the fright of ones life and harden the resolve to stay well away from Britain until this whole nonsense has blown over.

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