29 January 2008

ron paul advert from sedition.com

A Nice Pair

Ouch, Mr Sedition dot com is soo not going to embrace me for lifting the pic of that delightful young lady to adorn my own drab pages. But a chap has to resort to anything to keep up appearance.

Besides, after this past summer of topless horrors, I think we need reminding of God's good work when he focuses on the job.

No idea what that charmante is selling - Vote early and often for Mr Paul, I guess - and nor do I care. That is a nice pair, and I know from pair.

We'll have reached a pretty pass when a man can't squeeze eye-candy into his own drab blog.

What's that you say? Why can't I just keep the Seditious one on speed click and save you all this vulgarity? Well I *can* but then I'd have to read all his texty stuff and he's gone so *austere* of late, all survivalist-lite and bringing down brimstone on nambie-pambies like me.

Anyway, I believe in "You hone my Buck, I'll tungsten your Spyderco". Think of all my delicate readers who've previously fluttered, "Eeuuww, me read Sedition? I don't think so. I've never understood why he lists it in the first place."

Now they're like "Duude! You mean there's babes, to boot? Maybe I've been misjudging."

(Psst, no you haven't)

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