27 January 2008

Has she, hasn't she?

I actually shun those gizmos that alert you to when someone has read your mail - I mean, who cares? And can't I configure my Microsoft (crosses self) mail thingy to do that if I so want (which I so do not)

Except that *right* now I'm going thru silly bugger games with someone almost as infantile as me, including naturellement the chicken e-chicanerie of making each other sweat over the possibility that our messages are (like ourselves) so uninteresting that we're not even bothering to open them to see what new jejunerie we've come up with.

Pretty desolate, huh? And when we're out together, and I'm remembering to hold my back straight and webbed jowels taut, we 2 can pull off a world-class look. Waiters nod and wheel; barmen leave tourist trash waving their vulgar Euros to attend to our every need.

Sumo jumeaux of the Universe; unbeatable.

This one is SpyPig and is "a simple email tracking system that sends you a notification email as soon as the recipient opens and reads your message."

Ha ha - gotcha! God how pathetic - have I/we really been reduced to this? Guess so - and with someone with whom I should be hunched over a bottle of Tsiporo giggling at someone *else's* having been reduced to such tomfoolery.

Know what? I should be sending her mail (booby-trapped with SpyPig, natch) saying:

"Know what? We shouldn't be doing this. We should be pitying all the poor creeps brought low to Spy-cochoneries and without folks like us in our lives with whom to cuddle and giggle and mock the poor souls who've been reduced to etc."

So, it like works with most mail progs - Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Eudora (dude! remember that?) ... the usual suspects.

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