08 January 2008

Vanity Links

I've just realised that I *never* use my Links column, preferring to go via Favorites.

Those arcane addresses are just there to let you lot know how cool and widely-surfed I am and not to mess with me.

But I'm sticking PostSecrets up at the top because there's something very therapeutic about those confessions - touching, even.

I don't mind ranking it above even Sedition because that's where I read about PS in the first place.

Sounds lèse-majesté, I know, and tell it not in Gath because The Man will be terribly hurt, but I don't really read that Seditious column - a bit too diamond in the rough for my sensitive tastes.

I list El Seditio to goad and impress others and refute accusations of Corfucian poppinjay leanings.

"Who, me effete? Try pressing on yon Sedition link ... effete me *that*."

Back to PostSecrets, there's something wonderfully mundane about what people own up to and I want to go vulnerable and join their ranks with something equally humble and telling.

I wonder how many confessions are there as a subconscious hope they'll be stumbled across by those for whom they were composed.

1 comment :

Ashley said...

Nice. Made me notice how badly out of date my links page is. I have a new version. Not as informative but much more recent and much larger.