16 January 2008

Air Guitar

For 'real' guitarists everywhere.

  • By the sacred scarf of Lord Hermes, this 'air guitar' nonsense had it coming, and Tripod have delivered the death blow.
  • Vapor strumming really is THE most consummate nonsense - you couldn't invent it, even on a double dose of what *I'm* smoking.
  • Have you seen one of these specimen up close? They surpass pathetic, even down to fiddling with their Air Amps.
  • One surefire identification is that every single Ether Strummer has SOME PHYSICAL DEFECT:
    • Trademark leaning to obesity
    • Tell-tale ticks around unfocused eyes
    • Foolish hanging of the nether lip w/ tendency to drool
    • Spastic gait, general difficulty holding even an erratic upward posture
    • General physical gaucherie.

What IS it about Air Gits that mark them as irreparable commode-huggin' losahs?

You just *know* there's a world of pain down in the boudoir department.

Why do we instinctively shrink from having one in the home, pull away in the park from letting the dog sniff their hand?

Back to Tripod, the spoofer that bounds out from behind the curtain is rather good, and the bloke that produces the fake guitar sound is bloody brilliant.

Wellsian comment just in: Do click on it, he's always good value.

I can't remember on which gordion social knot-working site he blew our relationship of once having 'dated, stopped talking, now it's complicated', but any time someone asks me, "Aincha never gone quit that Ricky Wells?", I tell them, "Not while that sumbitch sends links like this."


rwells said...

Very funny! Try this:


And that thing about small breasts ='s? What about big feet?

Busker said...

What about big feet, you Scholl's-toting, size 12 booted-n-spurred rapscallion, you?

Air strum *this* - http://www.4-men.org/penis-size/shoe-size.html