27 January 2008

Amazon dot connerie

Ahh ... if only Amazon would do this with their site for just a blink of a mouse.

What a wonderful Poisson d'avril it would be ... a glint of juvenile humour, just for the first 30 minutes of Tuesday April 1st. Please?

Who's going to be up at that hour? OK, the whole world is up, chatting in demented Delphi rooms under faux niks and pics and making believe everyone else is genuine.

Tipple tipple, glug - suddenly they feel like shopping!! Yaayy!! Where're they gonna go ... ??

Oh what a wonderful wheeze to put them off their alcoholic stride for just a nano-second. Better far than seeing pink elephants cavorting around the wallpaper.

Alas, not gonna happen.

Idée: get those Anonymes currently bedeviling the scientology types to work the same magic on that thar Hubbard site. That *would* be entertaining and of course would rocket up the likes of YouTube.

Of course, Lord of the Nitekrüe could knock something like this off before his breakfast kedgeree was ready, but he's busy reading the riot act to his brood (they having reached 'that age') so all those fancy techie tricks from the O'Reilly canon are back on the burner.

Stop Press: Wouldn't you just know it - even as I craft this post, messages are thudding onto my InBox pleading "Stop with the dumb Dutch site - you are the bazillionth one to send it! Enough already!"

Grrr, don't you hate it when you find your brilliant witty share is just an Also Ran?

I'm heading out for lunch where, no doubt, I'll be greeted with dour expressions over the Bloody Marys,

"Yass', dude. Yep, got yer mail. Yours and everyone else's. Ho ho, tres drôle."

"So ... did anyone seen TV this morning? Can you beLIEVE this Zahopoulos joker?"

"I know, and have you seen the size of that mutha? Man, poor Evi."

tsekou"Sosta! But has anyone seen an honest-to-God decent *shot* of this Tsekou broad? I can't work out if she's hot or what ..."

"Yo, if she was hot she wouldn't be doing the double-dos avec manatee chops there."

Nods and grunts and slurps of BMs.

Oyez oyez ~ new link alert: You know how finnicky I am about my crême-de-la-crême Links.

Loipon. I have added new reading on 'Greek Affairs' and very educational it will be for widespread family and fans o'er the globe.

Domina Graecia seems to be a pleasantly sprightly - in its own words - "parody of 'strong' Greece, and so much more always with a pinch of impatience".

'Pinch of impatience', eh? 'Pon my soul, I like a little alliterative levity from my online pundits.

Clock Prob - no longer ~ Loipon - I leave this here to make the reply comment make sense. I *had* remarked on the clock being un peu dodgy. Domina's Dominus read my plaint and fixed it in a trice.

God bless blogs; God bless attentive editors.

Doxa to theo!


Sibadd said...

Your blog is a gift! So useful, witty and entertaining. Simon

Anonymous said...

fixed the clock! thanks for pointing it out... i had simply not seen it... and thanks for the introduction !!

rwells said...

loved the dutch rube goldberg site.