26 January 2008

Posing as 13-yr-old

Nice provocative headline there.

Purely as a literary exercise and because I arrogantly believe I can write in most styles, I have been fascinated by these cases where predatory paedos cruising the junior chat gartens are lured, hooked and nabbed by the fuzz posing as aforementioned juniors.

I mean, how suspicious and careful do you have to be as a stalking villain that you don't fall into a trap? Very, I say.

I know you'll say this is just a line, but I don't actually know any junior rooms or even actual *juniors*, come to think of it, except for my own Spitfire who yesterday turned 17 so there's another one off the wishlist and past her Lure-by-Date.

But I have in the past asked to test my skills when she came to visit me of weekends and sat happily tapping to her pals under their horrific names.

These were 12-13 yr olds that I had also met and played chauffeur to, plus whatever I had overheard on the incessant phone chats.

I'll give the Spitfire this, she found the whole thing embarrassing and distasteful but indulged her old man.

I only lasted about three exchanges before someone would rumble me and ask if something was wrong.

So hats off to Mr Fuzz who lured none other than Hizzonner into his web. God how embarrassing - and imagine the reaction of the electorate when they found they'd voted for a berk who couldn't even tell a cop from a cutie-pie.

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