03 May 2006


Chatting to a distinguished gent - confirmed bachelor visiting for the sunny season and an eyeful of buff bods glistening under our Ionian sun - I asked him how he managed to keep so up to date on the news that matters (ie dirt and scandal).

Quick as a flash, he summoned from his laptop Favorites this  splendid site.

Surprised I haven't come across it before - tabs on the tabloids is exactly what I want to keep.

On the subject of towels (see below), I've looked and they're *not* on sale so maybe there's my niche calling: plenty of flannel with boys and girls besporting themselves but none of firm-bodied adonises rubbing abs and pecs or whatever they chafe together these days.

Hetero towels only? In Greece? Tsk - what *would* the Mykonos Tourist Bureau say about that?

(Actually, I'm absolutely positive that if I went to Mykonos I'd see *only* lad-on-lad flannel and it'd be a challenge to track down anything remotely resembling my sunset number.)