12 May 2006

Copying Text from Website

Old hat to smartie pants readers in the US, but I am impressing the dickens out of less wired Corfiot ex-pats by naughtily passing off as my own this month's invaluable tip from The Oldie's ever-savvy Webster, whose Superbyw@ys column never ceases to inform and amuse.

(Hush, but I even hear tell of plans to beef up the actual Oldie website, so phooey to their fakeroo smokescreen of fogeydom.) LOL.

Right, ready?

To copy text from a site without all that messy coding:

  • Highlight and copy (Ctrl-C)
  • Click 'Edit'
  • 'Paste Special'
  • ' Unformatted Text'
  • 'OK'
  • Eh voilà!

    Maestro Webster is always pleased to hear from readers here, so send him your best shots.

    Speaking of the non-pareil Oldie, on CNN the other night nattered Larry King and clever Judge Judy, whose court cases I used to watch hypnotised.

    Both on great form but what made me sit up was the Judgette's talk of setting up a mag for the discerning and moneyed over-50s market scorned by those 16-year-olds on Madison Avenue.

    Her proposal didn't sound a million miles off what The Oldie so effortlessly achieves over in Blighty.

    JJ needs backing, natch, so it won't actually see the light of day.

    When King asked the proposed title, she said that her PR advisor was toying with "Now", which is a bit feeble but not bad for over there, I suppose.

    Certainly, the youth-obsessed US market would run a mile from anything suggesting actual *age* - just as "Now" would bomb in the UK for its gutter reminder of the loathsome NoW.

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