15 May 2006

Clip round the ear

Bravo Pc Sean Mullaney for giving two yobs a deserved wallop round the lug hole.

Bravo Hizzoner Adrian Lyon ruling in his favour and overturning the idiot cowardly suspension.

We need more fuzz like Sean getting back to basics and acting "in the best traditions of the police" like in the old days.

Two news items I remember from way back that gave me pleasure reading of hoodlums and thugs getting their come-uppance:

Running and Hiding: Some (presumably) agile youths grabbed an old biddie's handbag and belted for it. A passer-by set off in casual pursuit.

Being an Olympic long-distance runner, he simply let them set the pace and loped along behind until, cornered and exhausted, he retrieved the handbag and stood around til the fuzz arrived. I'm not sure if he smacked them around a bit to discourage any escape but they were probably too exhausted to do much more than lie around vomiting into the grass.

Oldie Power: I got this next one from the sensei of a West Hampstead shoto-kan dojo.

Frail old gent taking money out of an ATM was set upon by some thugs who demanded his cash and his card and his PIN for the extraction of further loot.

Alas for them, aforesaid geriatric was a venerable practitioner of the art who proceeded to kick and leap and apply knife-hands and generally turn the tables.

It apparently only came to light because the parents of one of the would-be thugs took it to the police on a charge of racism and totally unfair behaviour, the attacker being in possession of a dangerous weapon, to whit a half-century of training in the killer arts.

The old man hailing from Hunan and the attackers being blacks, the police were unwilling to test it in the courts.

The old man himself had said nothing, not even to his family, who merely put his slight lateness in returning home to the number 16 bus running behind schedule that night.

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