12 May 2006

Repeater Meter

You know what?

When someone's determined to tell their tale, it doesn't matter *what* coding you've agreed on to ward off deviation, hesitation, or simply trotting it out for the umpteenth time. They will simply charge ahead.

Had an old friend visit who was au fait  with all latest sagas, but it still went something like,

"I know what I meant to tell you. It seems that Mary acquired a dinky little lamb"

"Ah yes - the one with the white coat."

The very same. Anyway, its fleece was a marvelous snow white.

"As I recall, they even traveled together-"

Exactly. Too kinky. Apparently , everywhere Mary went, the wretched lamb just tagged along.

Goodness how boring - and didn't you say the Headmistress was dragged in at some point?

Well yes - that's the whole point. La petite mouton followed Mary to school one day-

Yes, I love that bit, and didn't you tell me that it contravened some silly lambist regulation?

I knoww  utterly against the rules ever since that ram from Mount Parnassus ... anyway, you can imagine what fun the children had ...

Absolute chaos, no doubt. Hilarity and japes all round.

Exactly. I mean, a lamb at school? Can't you just picture it?

I'm trying.

At such moments, I've taken to reaching for the hip-flask and Sobranie and walking Alcinous down to the Judas tree for a lads-together brood and puff.

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