04 May 2006

Inner Gardener

Beauteous merciful rain bucketing down, releasing me from yardwork duties in mum's absence and enabling Sam and I to stroll the lanes and inhale the freshness.

I have a new best e-friend who emails me suitably teasing/chastising messages of hope and backbone-stiffening content.

She sounds lovely and understanding so I grabbed the camera and went out in search of something dewy and colorful with which to tease her under the pretense of tapping my "inner jardinier". Yukk.

Sam is as black-thumbed as moi because when I instructed him to lead to me where Mistress keeps her most decorative plants, he gave me his moony-eyed look and rolled tummy up in the sodden gravel. Soul mates.

Anyway, guided by the stuff Julie shoves up, I found some likely looking growth and set the camera to close up and tried to capture the dew on the leaf and all that fancy stuff you see in Country Life and planty mags.

Gorgeous sight, I must confess, all the greenery and wet surfaces andf everything smelling fresh and new.

Scurrying creatures everywhere that I didn't actually spot but I heard their rustle and Sam was shamed into doing his hound dawg thang and stalking them. Trouble was, the rustle would come from one direction and he'd go snorting off in another, all pointy and lean-bodied hunter mode but not actually where it was at.

Next post - trompe  - or rather *test* - l'oeuil rainbows.

(I do hope I've spelled it right; B-Beat corrected me once but I've forgotten it.)

Long time no update on that fine blog but I do think of her and her pert encouragement.