19 May 2006

Professor Ridiculous ~ Unsubscribe

I still haven't managed to rid myself of this accursèd humorless mailing, nor even understand how one is meant to do it, but it is a real bane.

It seems to emanate from Australia, so God rot the innards of any Aussie relatives who signed me up in some misguided ocker sense of fun.

By way of a sort of public service, here is what I've found out to date about loosing oneself from this appalling mailing.

  1. Go here and note the Subject Line from any next or past issue of this pesky mailing.
  2. Temporarily kill the popup blocker for Professor Ridiculous and look for where to place a comment.
  3. Place the subject line from the mailing in the comment
    section along with the e-mail address you wish to unsubscribe

I have no idea if this works because I've yet to see the mailings dry up, but I wouldn't want anyone else to go thru the same excruciatingly unfunny experience as me.

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