24 May 2006



I wrote a short while back about winning a school ensemble (needs scrolling waayy down) with the tune 'Yellow Bird'. Well, stap me vittles if I don't uncover a shot of the heros, all the way from circa 1963.

Me, 2nd from left, the fresh-faced darling.

futurama guitar

Fender bender

I also wrote of strapping on a stout Stratocaster and finally  jingle-jangling on the good bits in "Like a Rolling Stone".

Et voila, from the archives comes a shot of Yrs Truly back in school, wielding the first solid electric anyone had seen:

Futurama was the make and it may not have rivaled the Fender axes wielded by Hank, Buddy or the Ventures, but it was the first anyone had seen up close.

Thanks to putting my academia prison time to good use, I could dance apace about the frets sufficient to get that dreamy look in the eyes of junior matron.


Former screaming girl said...

oooooh kewl

Busker said...

I like comments like "oooooh kewl". they have a succinct and authoritative enthusiasm about them. i also like niks like "former Screaming girl" that hint at a "past" not quite buried and certain traits of a mis-spent youth bubbling 'neath the surface.
clearly, i must raid the foto archives for more cherubic snaps from days of yore.