25 May 2006

Somalicence to Kill

Britain's Horn of Plenty hoodslums must be rocked to the rafters with laughter at our beckoning asylum policy and red carpet treatment of Somali crims:

  1. Most recent and poignant: stabbing by "youth of Somali origin" of golden boy Kiyan Prince when he tried to break up a fight.
  2. Mustafa Jama (25) - alongside his brother, already in custody - wanted for the murder of Police constable Sharon Beshenivsky
  3. Somalian Yassin Hassan Omar, one of the four up for trial of the July 21 attempted London Underground bombings.
  4. The undeported Abdulrahman Osman: raped a 40-yr old soon after his release from a 3-yr sentence for robbery.
  5. January this year: 19-yr old Somali stabbed at a bus stop by other Somalis from a different part of town.
  6. Past 6 months: Somali youths reckoned to have been behind a string of west London street robberies, and aggro between Somalis and Afro-Carib types not making the pavements of *sarf* Lon'on none to safe to sashay dahn neither.
  7. Ayaan Hirsi Ali: I risk castration and casting into the fires of incorrectitude for this one, but I've always sensed something bogus about sexy lithe "Muslim atheist" Somali-born AHA who rose to member of the Dutch parliament and talks a great game about Islam/West co-existence, even unto dissing her former religion and earning herself the ultimate accolade of death threats.

    Now it seems that media probings have uncovered cracks in the cracking story she arrived with as a Somali political refugee and her enemies are testing other aspects of her life and general credibility.

  8. Asylum: The whole thing has gone haywire. It seems like we've already got 100,000 of the seekers in Britain as it is, and predictions for up to 6,000 a year ongoing.
Just crazy, and of course it'll get worse and we'll all bend over backwards (those of us who can manage it with a dusky blade sticking out our back hampering the maneuver) to shower money, accommodation and jobs on them even as we shove our own folks aside.

And don't forget the crawling and simpering to "understand" their culture and ways, the better to dump on our own and grovel lower as we raise theirs to the pedestal.

Rivers of blood, indeed ... Enoch is seeing his grisly prediction more than fulfilled.


OTOH said...

Better than the Brits killing 'em

During the first two decades of 20th century, British rule was challenged through persistent attacks by a dervish rebellion led by Mohamed Abdullah, known as the "Mad Mullah" by the British. A long series of intermittent engagements and truces ended in 1920 when British warplanes bombed Abdullah's stronghold at Taleex. Although Abdullah was defeated as much by rival Somali factions as by British forces, he was lauded as a popular hero and stands as a major figure of national identity to many Somalis.

Busker said...

First-rate comment and a valuable history lesson, too.

I must look further into the 'Mad Mullah' in case there's fodder for a song there. I'm going thru a ballad stage and need subjects that'll occupy me over 20 verses or more.

Basically, I just want to write my own "Hurrican" so I can have a sinuous fiddle and clashing cymbals punctuating verse.

Wouldnt hurt to be able to come up with verses about gemmun in coats and ties free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise ... or just robbing the register ... or looking up thru their one dying eye and saying Reuben aint the guy.

Nice one, chief - much obliged. CH