27 May 2006

May Fair ~ 31st May

Oyez oyez!

It's that time of year again.

Holy Trinity Church Corfu's amazing bargain-chocked May Fair, the biggest fundraising event of the year.

  • When: Wednesday 31st May, 1000 - 1300
  • How much: Entry only 1 euro
  • Wazzup: Stalls * Games * Refreshments

    And for all y'all offended ex-pats out there who've written in wanting to punch me in the nose and generally deliver upstart come-uppance, yours truly will be there manning the stands and serving the cuppas and generally being my usual urbane self.

    You'll spot me by my Gary Glitter t-shirt and bouffant coiffure (which I expect to be thoroughly tousled by the end of the festivities)

    Bring loadsa money to spend - it's all for a good cause and Jesus does  want you for a sunbeam.

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