02 May 2006


Tasteful Towels

I have been cruising the bazaars for manly stuff to send back to my guitar buds in Bagels and environs.

I have nailed the right stuff.

Every stud needs a macho towel in which to be draped as he steps out the shower (and then drops it) and winks at his honey.

I know Larry, Eddie and my good buddy Dave W (who I miss so much) do.

Et voici. What could be more suitable?

The towel on the left shows a map of Corfu/Kerkira:

  • Local names: Corfu - Korfu - Kerkyra
  • Surface: 641 sq km
  • Population: 107,395
  • Climate: Warm Mediterranean. In summer, dry hot days, some breezes.
  • Mild winters but often wet.
  • Rainy season: November to March.

    See that churchy looking graphic, second one down? Inland left a bit and you have where I am, outside Gouvia in the "highland".

    "Gouvia apano" is the Greek guidance, "Gouvia and up a bit."

    sunset towel
    Sunset towel (4th from left): Well I never. Super slim bods but why are they staying so angularly correctly apart?

    I assure you that any gals or guys hereabouts who get to clinch that close don't leave a whisper's space at waist level. Wait, I know - he's British. But of course - far too polite to groin grind.

    She of course is thinking, "Just my luck to mistake that tan and monosyllabic grunt for a lusty local. Ho hum, better go along with it and stick my butt out and try to ditch him asap and get back to Spiro."