01 May 2006

Bullying Fat Slob

I'm glad "Deputy Prime Minister" John Prescott - and talk about a besmirched title - has been nailed for the hypocrite lying bully he clearly is.

I'm also delighted that JP's 'diary' secretary Tracy Temple has the services of PR supremo, Max Clifford, who never takes on a kiss-n-tell tale unless there's real dirt with mileage to line his pockets.

Of course, what we're all agog over is where else he's been getting his leg over - and how many of *those* women will come forward with their ghastly tales. Not an easy decision: take the money and you let the whole world know what an undiscerning slag you are with abominable tastes in, er, "men".

I'm sure Ms Temple was just as much to blame - and what's the betting 'diary secretary' will be *the* sinecure postion we'll be clamouring for in all the Sits Vac ads? - but it was Prezzer's fat arse in the driving seat, and he deserves to pay the price.

I just hope the Tory party has the balls and know-how to stick it to the pasty-faced lump of lard.

And full marks to the fragrant (Mrs) Pauline Prescott, who sounds an absolute treasure. She's played it perfectly: outwardly forgiving her wayward hubby, even urging him not to give up his political career.

Heed my words: she'll bide her time and then deliver the money shot to the goolies when it hurts and counts most. Not just a pretty lady, that one: she knows how to play the waiting game and savour the revenge dish when it's nice and cooled.