23 May 2006

Siesta Molester

There should be a separate Hell for those who intrude on the sacred siesta "hour" of 2:30 - 5pm, reverenced by all mankind.

Even a certain sane dog and mad Englishman know that it is absolutely verboten to make phone calls during that time.

Certainly, no Greek would *think* of breaking this rule.

But, there are certain folks on this isle who, despite having lived here enough long enough to know better, continue their crass ways.

If there isn't already, I'm opening a website to deal with such ignorami, and commissioning Eric to write me a script that will intercept phone calls during this period and relay name and address to a team of beefy lads in designer shades and belted raincoats who will visit the offender, wreak certain adjustments to their body clock, before manhandling them to the state line for instant ejection.

Naturally, if the call is justified, a simple phone call to the 'victim' will confirm the culprit's bona fides and all will be well ....

Hang about - Eric's 'system' doesn't permit calls during siesta time. It'll bounce back to the goons who will start all over again.

Hey ho, Catch-Ikosi thio.

Oh well...

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