20 May 2006

fender backing

Mr. Lonely juiced in it

A nothing strum for Guitarkind, but a major gig for *this* ageing plunker.

Down by the marina entrance is the 'Bucket of Beer' bar where the resident band is a British combo of off-duty jolly jack tars.

fender backingThere's only four of them and about 10 guitars *and* they trot out Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" on a regular basis.

All my life I've wanted to stand on stage with a decent electrified axe and pump out those jangly bridges that come just:

  • rolling stoneBefore the bit about Mr Lonely going to the finest schools
  • After the singer asks "Do you want to make a de-eal ?"
  • And the BIG ONE - the one any lead picker worth the cucumber down his jeans milks for all its worth - where

    "He took from you everything he could ste-a-al ..."

    Busker at 17 with his Futurama 'lectric geetarJingle jangle twangg  ...

    "How does it feeel?"

    Well, I managed it tonight and it felt good.

    Every guitarist and Dylan fan will know my euphoria.

    rwellsrwells said...

    Is that a dog adjusting your finger placement?

    Busker said...

    It do look so but it's the left side of my jeans.

    See later post of larger pic for clearer view of how the lighting has given than impression.