14 September 2009

Barbarians at the Gates

Literally at the gates: woke up the other morning to Sam barking and some vile cutting machine trimming everything back.

The explanation was that they were widening the road - like big smile, isn't that wonderful?

I glowered. What? For all the fat cat newbies to have their fat cat delivery lorries be able to trundle their fat cat belongings past?

I said no more but got my camera and snapped a few shots off and mailed them to our good neighbour Fany de Bono whose development opposite is affected.

Also our alert attorney who would know what to do.


I knew what they would do - it being a weekend.

Sure enough, later that day, a ruddy great digger arrived.

It manoeuvred into de B's property and started hacking away at the concrete border supporting the fence.

Without it - no neat and clear property boundary.

The man directing operations from the road did not like my camera activities and wanted a word.

I told him to conduct any chatter via Fany, to whom I would as usual be sending update photos.

I'll hang prints of this on Fany's gate posts and shove it all on a CD for our lawyer to do what she will.

Meanwhile, I have to lurk with camera to snap further efforts to wreck *our* side of the lane.

Good comment from Sinbad with good link to ... gosh! My old mate Melvyn Bragg's Cumbrian stalking ground.

And here - in this mélange of fotos you see the result of their cunning waiting 'til Fany (scion of the DeBono hotelier) is out of town *and* everyone else is on weekend slacking. Et voilà! The concreted borders and embedded fence uprooted and the road ready to widen.


Sibadd said...

Expect more of this vandalism as local councils privatise highway maintenance contracts and replace staff with machines. I've notice many yards of 'ripped' hedgerows as these horrendous verge cutters do their dirty work. It took 20 years of blighting to begin to get local councils to listen to the tree huggers (know they irritate you) but you need the data on the damage being done

Busker said...

Thanks. I don't hate tree huggers. It might make more cutting copy to affect to but I'm as arbre embracing as they come.

Sibadd said...

There are a lot of people even now who dislike trees. They cover good building land and before that good agricultural land. In our sreet at home there are people who hate having to sweep up all those nasty leaves from their driveway. Hope you can do something about the current encroachment. It's horrible to see. Best S