12 September 2009

Matador book signing cancelled

'Animal rights' protests

Why am I not surprised?

Pusillanimous f****ng Waterstones ...

  • OK, why pour praise on them? Fucking scaredy cats Waterstones has reputedly "cancelled a series of in-store appearances by Frank Evans, who was due to sign copies of his autobiography, The Last British Bullfighter".
  • The 67 year-old came out of retirement last month to step back into the bullring, becoming the oldest toreador in the business.
  • Waterstone's acted after receiving 'complaints' from supporters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), the Born Free Foundation and the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association.
  • And you know what? I believe they did. I can well imagine that shower doing just that and sending in 'complaints'.
  • The only response to such wet and weedy behaviour is to get the frick out there and buy the frocking book and show these drips what for.
  • And target wishy-washy Waterstones - buy up their pathetic first order first.
  • The Last British Bullfighter [plug it plug it]: would “glamourise the cruel, violent world of bullfighting.”
  • And again: the cruel, violent world of bullfighting.
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