15 September 2009

Clijsters wins

Not part of the plan

Not part of La Clijsters' tennis plan, maybe - but it was every bit of my plan to run photos of runner-up Caroline Wozniacki.

So whut if she was beaten in straight sets by 7-5, 6-3 in an hour and 33 minutes? She hot.

I need to be posting many many more pics of comely damsels but it's hard finding the right manly excuse so as not to end up looking like the lech I am.

Tennisettes are the perfect excuse and hone my subaltern in flannels image which is terribly NE Corfu and gins and tonic on the patio.

Honestly, this gorgeous lady looks like some country star ... I mean, have her lip synching to Taylor Swift and none of you would know the difference.

Well, that mother's boy 'Kunte' West would - did you catch his disgraceful interruption at the awards?

Barging into sweet Ms Swift during her modest speech, yeh?

I had been monitoring Kunte's boorish behaviour and the reaction from sensible folks everywhere, but it outgrew this page and needed its own.

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