13 September 2009

"He was alive when it went in ...

He wasn't alive when it came out – it was that simple"

  • I adore the simplicity reference.
  • Saluting Lieutenant James Adamson, awarded the Military Cross after killing two insurgents during close quarter combat in Helmand's notorious "Green Zone".
  • "Have some of this!"

    A-Riight !! (as they'd yell in midnight showings at the Puyallup Gaumont)

  • And doesn't it have a ring to it? Vite! Someone pen a flakey tribute à la that shymaking Neil Young instant ditty, Let's Roll.

    POST-SCRIPT: And no sooner do I read of Jimmy "In-Out" Adamson than my eye falls across Vicki Woods' Sept 12 Teleg piece about Lives sacrificed for an electoral fraud.

    Ms Woods writes with straight pen and straight to where I keep my knee-jerk 'Don't get me started' grey matter:

    "Having looked up the tariffs for compensation, I can only agonise about how families of seriously injured soldiers can get through it. The highest sum offered is £570,000 for injuries categorised as Grade 1. It sounds high, but the bleak description of what that half-million is offered for stops the heart: amputation of all four limbs, or both legs/arms plus total blindness/deafness."

    Also rather good on her weekly stop-smoking sessions and her doubts that seven will get her off the weed.

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