25 September 2009

Perk of the job

This Prof who regards female students as a 'perk of the job' has it bang to rights right.

Also in the perk category are (or were in my time as a Book Publicist Supremo):

  • Many many types of radio or TV researchers, not to mention cub-ette reporters on their first big interview with a mega author
  • Cute authors one accompanies on national tours
  • Same goes for male authors and their audience, particularly them damn'd poets.

    By the stanzas of Stesichorus! One evening's reading to the local ladies and all they'd have to do was scrape the best ones off the library floor and cart them up to their hotel room.

  • Hotel receptionists (see above in re author tours)
  • Fellow publicistas at Lit Conventions
  • Boozy Book Launches: purty much any lady with a pulse
  • Book shop openings
  • Magazine launches
  • Printers' parties to drum up new business (often wondered at the consistent pulchritude of some of those 'secretaries')
  • Art gallery/Record label/Theatre, etc tie-ins

    ** Psst, good comment by Sinbad. Vaut le clique.


    Sibadd said...

    The most vulgar addendum is the bit about 'perking' up sex with his wife. It's the language this fellow uses for which he'll pay dearly in his home bed - though I suspect he has already.

    Busker said...

    You are right. In fact, the whole thing rings of such astonishing crassness that I had to check again that I was reading v-c Healey's credentials right. Vice-chancellor?? Dude!
    Not even dear Jade of bless├Ęd memory would have come up with quite such insensitive provocative remarks.

    Mrs Healey will not be appreciating the titters in the supermarket and sly glances in the Common Room. I reckon our Terry's sofa-bound for a while.

    Perk *this*, hubby!