29 September 2009

Death Drive for Daughter

~ Midnight + 1 ~

This is one of those stories to savour and re-read and just let the whole ghastliness seep in.

The black humour of it all surpasses the best scripting:

'Devoted' father Edward Goddard (that's him over there looking like some Incredible String Bandista) 'accidentally' kills his daughter trying to 'teach her a lesson' for asking for a late-night lift home.

By God, isn't that what we try to ram home to our kids?

  • Not to try anything silly
  • Not to assume we'll be angry
  • To count on parents.
  • At any hour?
  • And at what awful hour did she inconvenience her dad that she deserved being disciplined with"catastrophic head injuries"?
  • Dreaded 4am?
  • Dastardly 5am perhaps?

    Nope - 1am.

    One hour after midnight and you couldn't find the patience to bring her home safely?

    You asinine creep - I hope they gave you the news real slow and turned the knife with equal patience at each sentence.

    Oh poh poh - I woulda loved that job as you came to.

    Le Bon Dieu planned it well there, boyo.

  • "He was annoyed at being called out at short notice at that time of night."
  • He didn't even give her the chance to wear a seatbelt for this little lesson.
  • This is the bit where I started smiling, where I read that Goddard himself had incurred head and spinal injuries and was unconscious for 12 days. That would have been a star-studded awakening.
  • Can you imagine the titters and expectation among the medical staff? They shoulda filmed it for YouTube; you don't get this sort of thing in the Vicarage Pantomime
  • "Goddard had no memory of the crash or the events leading up to it when he emerged from unconsciousness." Well, I guess we have to give him the benefit of the doubt there. But what a juicy sight to watch his expression change as they rubbed in what he hath wrought.
  • Jailed for 18 months and banned from driving for five years? I suppose that's enough to be going along with, time for it to sink in, yeh? But still lacks a certain imagination.
  • If I was the Beak I'd've ordered the culprit bollard cast in some cheap silver - dents and all - and presented to Goddard for placing amid the garden gnomes.
  • Snopesy comments - most as ill-considered as Goddard's original goof
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