22 September 2009

Kanye West Wankery

This post started life as a footnote to the Clijsters tribute but grew with every goof by Kunte West as his behaviour at Taylor Swift's award attracted increasing criticism and he himself showed his true colours - if one can use that loaded golli-word these days when discussing a brutha.

Word on the street is he was sloshed.

Anyway, he's mud on the block and it looks as if the lampoonery and contempt might dig into his standing and sales. R'spec' n all that, yeh?

  • The one I like best has KW rappin', "Yo Patrick Swayze, I know you just died and all ... but Michael Jackson's death was the best one this year"
  • Shiny black leather biker vest - this bloke's got your number, Kanye Wossyername
  • Off-record: 'Jackass' - President Obama
  • Even TMZ posts the Prez's remark
  • Sore loser backstage meltdown
  • Weepie: "Such a dick" ~ convincing tears
  • "Biggest piece of shit" - Pink (Don't hold back, girl)
  • Apology via Leno show: saying sorry every which way except face-to-face like a man.
  • Reaction at the time from that sweetie Taylor? "Oh, Kanye West is here".
  • I tell you, the grace and aplomb with which Ms Swift handled that bufone will stand her in good stead for many years to come.
  • The tape will be played wherever grace and self possession are saluted.
  • 'Apology' remix
  • Personal apology ~ and a mini meltdown. Taylor must be simply dying over all the fuss ... and her agent rubbing mitts of glee.
  • Bizarre Blog: Remorse
  • Plonker and stonker: Perfect candidate, in fact, for 'Lord' Sugar of Sham:
    "Yo, Brother SugarJowels, I know you just been ermine ignobled and all ... but Donald Trump's was the best 'Apprentice' this year".
  • West wankery fail
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