08 September 2009

Why women sleep with men

  • I just liked the caption.
    'Yawn ... Still, at least this means he'll take the bins out!'
  • A propos de rien, v few of the ladies to whom I forwarded this agreed with or were particularly amused by the piece.
    "Written for men," was the general verdict: "For women to read aloud over brek to their man."
    Cool Comment from The Boss of Me that deserves airing in the sunlight:
    "This woman is very lucky if that's the case."
    (Well, *I* thought it quite good.)

    The Boss of You said...

    This woman is very lucky if that's the case.

    Busker said...

    'The Boss of Me'! That has such resonance in my life but I know *you* only hit on it by chance. Still, good one.
    Good pithy comment. Hmm. Intrigued.