16 February 2009


My favourite friendly energetic efficient bar manager is Mr T.

Actually, I am very jealous of him.

Mr T has this unique talent for telling attractive ladies to stay away at which they paw and fondle him even more. Honestly!

One day I had my camera so I took a photo of the very foxy Ms A. But she was too shy and covered her face.

A friend saw the photos and was horrified:

"Oh my God! That is so cruel.

You took a photo just when that bad boy told his girlfriend she was dumped.

That is soo cruel. Sadist! Look how she is crying!"


But I will have my revenge.

I am making a sign for the bar that orders NO KISSING.

I am also using it for a T-shirt design - ONLY FOR ME - so that when I come in the bar and the pretty ladies see that I am a kiss-free zone, they will immediately leave Mr T.

Miss A and Miss N and the gorgeous Ms G will be all over me.

I have also written about my favourite bar in a magazine - coming out late February - where I say:

"Compass-Rose wi-fi internet café/bar – I earlier plugged Kondokali’s Telesilla Hotel new bakery.

It’s now added the very relaxing Compass-Rose cafeterie/bar.

Heading north, take the right lane after Gouvia Bay and look for the large Telesilla sign atop the building.

Bouncy busy manager Tomas sets the tone with his infectious enthusiasm and energetic efficiency to serve. Check it out."

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