19 February 2009


I never realised that's what a native of Newcastle is called. Good trivia question.

Actually, I only looked into the article on how Geordies can handle the cold because, back in Bainbridge, I used to wonder how and why those infuriatingly hearty types who insisted on sitting outside on the deck could make the crossing in mere T-shirt and shorts.

Speaking of which, I once watched with resentful scorn some tough looking chap executing katas right in front of the lower deck window.

To do that sort of thing, you have to think yourself at least good enough to escape mockery.

We could all see that he wasn't VERY good, but none of us could do better so we sat and just watched. Until some meek looking chap went out and engaged him conversation (over which our karateka looked none too pleased) and it didn't get any better as the man suddenly demonstrated how they ought to have been executed. Of course, none of us inside could hear what was going on but it was clear once the meek guy flowed into action.

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