23 February 2009


This is so funny and obvious.

Like an Ealing comedy with Donald Pleasance as the escaper.

And look at that fuzz - drool drool. That boy gonna get some fan mail.

  • 2006: Palaiokostas et crony escape from Korydallos in a helicopter, they get caught and back in jug.
  • They escape again in identical modus operandi
  • A guard manages to shoot himself in the hand during the fracas
  • I heard a chick with a gun covered them from the chopper during the getaway
  • I wonder how many unmarked Euros swapped hands there?

    Zero Tolerance:"I won't tolerate this embarrassment," said Justice Minister Nikos Dendias, who asked for and received the resignations of the director, security secretary and head of inspection and control at Korydallos Prison.

    "The government will not tolerate the current situation," he said in a written statement. "Those involved in this escape will be brought to justice and punished."

    I daren't be rude about Minister Dendias because he's also our lawyer in Scheria - well, his name is on the company lertter-head and his signature on all communications but we do rather better than him: we have the hands-on service of Ms Maria Chytiri, efficient, impeccably connected and of such fragrant beauty that if this was a movie, she'd never have got near the role for being laughably too good-looking.

    Anyway, back to Niko's sackings: I don't expect the out-of-jobbers will weep to deeply. The cash under the table will ease their retirement.

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