26 February 2009

Pomo d'Oro


Hey suckers, even I get to dine fine now 'n' then.

I quote:

"The Pomo D’Oro Restaurant will be providing a very special 4 course dinner on Thursday 26 February 2009 at 9:30 pm for those who appreciate and enjoy truly fine food and the hautest  cuisine [sic].

Here is the menu designed to stimulate even the most jaded palate

  • Grilled marinated vegetables
  • Manouri and gruyère with «mostarda» Papagiorgi
  • Accompanied by: CHATEAU JULIA Chardonnay
  • Pennes with tomato and pecorino flakes
  • Accompanied by: AMETHYSTOS Cabernet Sauvignon rosé
  • Veal fillet sliced pastitsada over mashed potatoes
  • Accompanied by: OINOTRIA GH Agiorgitiko-Syrah
  • Roast pineapple with sweet cream cheese mousse and Botanical vinegar Lazaridis

    Accompanied by Distillate Kostas Lazarides.

    Enjoy Fine Dining Waters:

  • S. Pellegrino: The 'star' of natural mineral water
  • Acqua Panna: The natural mineral water in Tuscany

    Price per person EUROS 40"

    But get this addendum:

    "It is suggested that patrons should dress elegantly as the occasion is to be filmed by the renowned Phaeakonese director Costas Vorrias as part of a video he is making for the website of the Croquet Club of Scheria which is promoting the event."

    Et voilà! That should be worth the 40 smackers alone: the sight of le tout Scheria studiously not looking at the cameras as they adjust to their least wrinkly profiles and the ladies adjust to their most chasmic cleavages. Oh what fun - my Nikon will be burning hot.

    Alas, I will not be accompanied by any beauteous chasm because word leaked out and hints were dropped as to certain mamzels' availability for the night which left me in a delicate position of either inviting The Bevy and draining my entertainment allowance for this quarter, or taking one and being ostracised by the rest for the season. There is also the question of a certain lady's *mother* and rather large soldier brother whom I prefer not to offend.

    STOP PRESS: The nosh was posh, the wines superb - and there was a prize for the most elegantly dressed lady which my mother won. You can't see her elegance because she is in foreground and back to us.

    Nor can you see clearly the lady 2nd-to-end, far right, next to whom I sat and talked non-stop and could not take my eyes off. Spitting image of a Kate Bush of mature years.

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