17 February 2009



Back in the mists of the early 2000s, when I was still in Bainbridge-en-Mer, I subbed to the free Mailwasher, spam spurner supreme.

Then I had the usual crashes - bang went my Outlook mail - then I moved to Londinium and thence to Prosper's Isle where I had 2 more crashes (ditto) .

This morning I thought what the hell, I'll reactivate MW and did so and set it in motion and, damn me, if it isnt loading every mail for the last 7 years (!) and thus retrieving all the lost mail.

It'll take me yonks to go thru and delete but they're so clearly presented with spam marked and ready for deleting that it's no price to pay to have all that lost mail back - and what a walk down Othos Memory to read all those old messages.

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