03 February 2009

Smoking Kills

That's the Greek warning on my delicious Karelia.

Rather a good photo because it's my birthday tomorrow ('Chronia polla, Christo!') so the cigs and card juxtapose well: keep puffing and I won't be seeing many more.

The total ban on smoking in public places in Greece has been advanced from Jan 2010 to this July. Uh oh.

Settle down, chaps, it won't work. For one thing, there's a section of the community that went under the ban last Feb 1 - the Greek parliament! - and you can bet your bottom Euro *those* chimney stacks will pay it no heed.

It's to bring Greek law in line with EU policy and, like, when have we paid a blind bit of attention to *that* loada twaddle, yeh?

July? Height of the tourist season (we hope)? Nah, ain't gonna happen, dude.

Yo! Latest photo of yours truly down there: see how fit and in fine fettle I've been keeping on the 'baccy?

How much do Greeks smoke?

  • 1-2 packs a week: 12%
  • More than 2 packs a day: 2%
  • Less than 1 to 2 a week: 6.2%
  • 1 pack a day: 36.9%
  • Half a pack a day: 13.8%
  • Up to 1 pack a week: 11.8%
  • Two packs a day: 16.5%

    How long after waking up do we dive for our first cig?

  • More than 1 hour: 23.9%
  • 10 - 30 mins: 24.6%
  • 6-10 mins: 19.7%
  • Within 5 mins: 19.7%;
  • Half an hour to an hour: 12%
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