17 February 2009

The Baker

You probably found this silly movie absolutely riveting and an hilarious satire (or do I mean 'pastiche'?) of the whole hit-man gangster Mafioso genre, but I found it grew more idiotic and pointless by the minute.

I said so to the video stores boss and advised him to alert all his Greek customers to think twice before taking it out - despite the dramatic macho jacket.

For one thing, I cautioned, it is exceedingly silly and unfunny in the way that only the English can be. Lord knows how Michael Gambon was conned into appearing.

Imagine my surprise and annoyance when I saw the 'out' ticket on it.

"I see some poor customer has fallen into the trap of taking out 'The Baker'," I chuckled.

"Yes, I tell him what you say and he want even more see it and what is so silly English."

It came back and I enquired and was told he had asked for his money back, such was his incomprehension and disappointment (I could not see how the Welshisms and camp serious humour could translate into Greek, in which case the subtitles would be a total mismatch to the action).

Then I kept seeing it unavailable and when I asked again the boss laughed:

"I tell them what you say but they all think they know English better than other person so they take it out. No-one like it, is one of our most popular movies, always out."

The trailer

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