16 February 2009


Facebook vigilantes call for torture of Oz arsonist.

Ugh - a bit extreme - torture??

"Members of the networking site, Facebook, have created groups calling for 39-year-old Brendan Sokaluk to be "burnt at the stake" after he was charged with arson causing death.

The Facebook groups contain photographs of Sokaluk, which is in breach of a suppression order."

Well, I only know his name from the news reports, so they too ought to be a little more discreet with their info'.

Sokaluk, eh? Not a name that'll camouflage too well in the bush, eh mate?

The Abo' trackers should tie this kangaroo down in no time.

What's yer take on this, Rolf? Sounds 'foreign' to me.

Reckon first there'll be a whippin' , then there'll be a scorchin' - then we'll crack some frosties and get the shrimp on the old barbie.

Online Times takes a different tack.

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