12 February 2009

Blog 'orreur

One of the unsung horrors of subbing to Google Alert - Prospero, or just cruising for scheriad references, is the naff naive blogs one pulls up that cause one to shudder with rictus laughter, sending the java tumbling and the Robertson's golli-toast whirling down to the Axminster.

Right off, let me exclude sprightly non-pareil  Democracy Street that should be in all your Favourites.

And that goes, too, for a bizarre and tangled jumble from a certain Dr Awesome. Oddly, this site was snagged in my Google Alert for Scheria - oh I know what happened - it belongs to coverage of our American namesake. That's it - I thought it was oddly clunky and un-Greeky.

Right, duty done.

These local scribblings are a painful laugh (albeit endearingly sincere) and it's hard to keep a straight face when I meet the authors, which I do at all too many wannabe 'literary' gatherings around the isle.

Naturally, I invite along some prettiest poetess princess as distraction so as to ensure I'm ignored as mere skirt-chasing losah lumpen  swain.

Latest guffaw is mr Cheap's (sic) dissing of two favourites, of which the Pink Palace I happened to be visiting in time to print out and brandish mockingly before the marketing honcho Cheapo's cheapo accusation of infamy. That soured his vermout'.

The dulcet Kavosian Atlantis I know less well, only venturing there in the company of holidaying Hong Kong pals mildly interested in road-testing certain techniques away from the peace-loving gaze of sensei.

(Do click on the Atlantis/Kavos link; some of the comments are hilarious in their downright truthfulness)

Quoth mr Cheap:

"One of the places to find a party is in Greece.

Visitors flock to the country for its amazing weather, beautiful beaches, warm waters, and great parties.

Two wonderful islands to party on are Ios and Corfu.

Corfu is located in western Greece. There are regular beach parties outside of the infamous (my itals) Atlantis nightclub and party goers all seem to stay at the infamous (ditto) Pink Palace.

Blah blah ..."

Not nearly as polite as alltravel.com's World Partay Island which settles for dubbing the Pink Palace as beckoningly 'crazy' and keeps wise schtum over the bacchanalian Atlantis.

I knew some ass would get kicked if I dropped a quiet hint to Management.

I mean, bloody hell - it's going to be an infamously tough enough tourist-lite summer as it is without these internet johnnies frightening our visitors off before they've even msade up their minds.

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