11 February 2009


Photo of Miz Kaz by Katja Hentschel

Miz Kaz is that beguiling young lady who performs the infuriatingly catchy Keyboard Warriors song that I can't get off my mind. I even tried plunking it at our local guitar strum-alongs but it's too fast for an oldster tongue like mine.

On a whim I've added her as a fellow Twitterer so here's the acid test to see if I'm a bona fide  Twit' twot and can stay the course with this burgeoning fad.

The fact that Twitter seems to have been hi-jacked by D-list celebrities rather cools my ardour.

Jammin' - Oh to be in London!

I see from her site that the impish Miss Kaz invites musicians to come jam with her.

Dang! And here I am in Greece, honing my guitar skills, writing a ton of cool funny chansons but no one to sing to.

To boot, la Kaz looks just like the seductive local sirens I try to serenade in all my fave tavernas.

Did I read somewhere that she has Cypriot in her? Loipon, no wonder those looks, yeh?

PHOTO CREDIT - I'm bad at crediting skilled lensers so let me play honest here and toss a bouquet to the talented Katja 'Falling Star' Hentschel for that tasty photo there of the delicious Kaz. More shots here (click on the Kaz mug).

So ... when you've played and played KBW 'til you're sick of it, you'll have all those pics to drool over.

Just in: wonderful jaunty Boyfriend/Girlfriend duet showing The Kaz in yet another  entertaining guise.

  • Great graphics
  • Fun-2-watch natural choreography
  • Luverly cuddly bear bloke with all the moves
  • Our diva - dazzling Pepsodent smile 'n' all - sashaying sinuously in default tantalising mode.

    I tell you, this lady is going to go far. She's the "It" gurl.

    I told you about Laura Veirs, told you about Jason Whitton, alerted you to Louise Nylen and tipped you off about Kaliroe Raouzeou - I got da Nose.

    Don't make me say I told you so.


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    Sibadd said...

    I owe you for that link - for the song and the phrase keyboard warriors. I purloined it to describe the Greek diasporo who want to punish those naughty students - keyboard colonels. Sooner or later our paths may cross for real. I'll be speechless before talent.

    Busker said...

    Thanks. Alas, I don't do "Meet".
    Too problematic to explain.
    Also, I don't do "Explain".
    It's the pills I'm on.

    Sibadd said...

    You didn't see me - right? I understand the need to be sensitive about witness protection relocation.

    Busker said...

    V astute. I see you know how these things work. Good man. And the EIKA medication(s), mustn't forget that.

    mizkazmusic said...

    thank you for this , im really shocked but i appreciate it , keep supporting-miz kazx

    Busker said...

    why shocked? that i'm in a witness protection from some bad boys? nah, that's par for the course. i will meanwhile use my time well by monitoring all your videos etc and keep the blog updated. xx