17 June 2006

Blind Tasting

I took this for a sick joke in the poorest of tastes, but its website implies otherwise.

"After the huge success of the Parisian restaurant, "Dans le Noir?" London is now open in the trendy area of Farringdon on 30-31 Clerkenwell Green.

Experience the unique interaction between clientele and guides as your food and wine are served in total darkness.

Awaken and train your senses as you enjoy the tastes, aromas, flavours and textures of our exquisite creative cuisine."

I learnt of this via Deborah Ross's Spectator review of "Where diners eat in total darkness and are served by blind and visually impaired staff ... I called and spoke to a nice Frenchman who asked if we could call back, 'eez just that I cannot find ze bookings book".

He did not call her back and she started to think that this is why blind people, on the whole, don't make especially good restauranteurs.

Honestly, if I wanted to write a Tom Lehrer song, I'd start here and then pull back out of correctitude ....

Ms Ross wasn't impressed. As she comments, "Nothing to Braille home about."

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