02 June 2006

icthus christian fish motif

Fishy Business

Page 27 of my Kinchin & Melluish ('Greek for the Gentry') has an interesting explanation with which I am impressing fellow church-goers.

The first two letters of the name of Christ (ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ) are sometimes seen in churches as what appears to be a jumbled monogram; sometimes also the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus, ΙΗΣ (ουσ) or IHS.

You'll also have seen those fishes on backs of cars.

Well, the Christians used a sign of a fish as a mark of their faith ... and the Greek for a fish is ΙΧΘΥΣ, said to be the initial letters of Ιησους Χριτος Θεου Υιος Σωτηρ, Jesus Christ, Son of God (and) Saviour.

Now you know, which you probably did but I didn't and nor did some clerically-collared types I consort with.

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